Month: September 2021


Most of my friends on the block were older than me; except for my two younger brothers, I was the smallest of the group that met every afternoon to kick ball, fly kites, or just talk. I had, and still have, a strong admiration and great appreciation for my friends;

Fifth Two

The big man stopped, I passed him, he followed me with his eyes and only two meters from the longed-for corner, a strident, guttural exclamation, ordinary as his appearance, stopped me in my tracks: “Are you going to pass me by and pretend you didn’t notice me?”

The epilogue

I remember as if it were today, the moment almost at the end of the day when I entered that smelly and musty place, the surprise on my father’s face when he saw me and the hug we gave each other.

Mother’s Day

That afternoon, as she left her room, I could perceive the painful effort my mother made to walk each step, still leaning on the walker she has been using for some years and I felt very sad to see her like this.