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¿Who is him?

Born in Bogota on February 12, 1965. Lawyer, Specialist in Criminal Law and Criminalistics. Professor of Procedural Law, Criminal Law, Investigation Methodology and Legal Argumentation; Personal Growth and Leadership Speaker. Theologian, Politician and Entrepreneur. He is married to Silvana Cohen and has five children and three grandchildren. Founder and Director of Veritas Magazine, focused on Theology. Manager of Ondas de Restauración and RPV Mundo, online radio stations focused on spirituality and culture. He dabbled in literature from a young age. Writer of prose and poetry, which has combined with articles on Law, personal growth and leadership.


“I had my first approach to writing when I was a child….”

Love for literature was influenced from home, where reading, especially classical literature work, was usual.

As a student, he dares to write some short stories and poems with which he participates in school literary contests.

Although he was born in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, he grew up in a small town in the south of La Guajira department

His readings…

The magic of a region of contrasts, legends and myths, along with his inclination towards classical literature and subsequent formation as a lawyer, with more than thirty years of professional experience, plus the influence of Hebrew literature gained through in-depth studies of The Bible, have been, without doubt, important supplies for his literary work development.

That is why it is possible to find in his writings, the vernacular traditions and customs of the province of Padilla, which vibrate in the soul of an accordion, intertwined with the classical notes of Schubert and Chopin that set the exquisite pen of Cervantes and Garcilaso de La Vega.


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